Islands in the Sea

Wave/Tidal Energy


Wave and tidal energy developers face formidable challenges in harnessing the power of the sea, consequently development has not kept pace with advances in offshore wind farm construction.


A new approach is required, in certain locations our offshore wind turbine foundation technology could be adapted to provide a method of combining wind, wave and tidal energy generators.


The advantages would be considerable.


  • The foundations would provide a stable platform to deploy and recover wave and tidal energy generators.

  • Cylindrical foundations would accelerate the water flow through tidal turbines.

  • Connected to the shore, good access for initial deployment, maintenance.

  • All power cables returned to the surface, no cables on the seabed.

  • Foundations to support multiple wave energy converters, anchored to a secure base.

  • Further development could connect islands whilst still generating renewable energy.

  • Environmentally sustainable, built in protection for birds and fish.


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