Our Projects

Aqua Innovation Ltd (AI) are a business specialising in the design and development of innovative solutions for the salmon farming industry.

The salmon farming industry is set to expand over the coming years but is coming under increased scrutiny regarding the management of the farms and waste generated, with high profile concerns being raised about waste food and chemicals being leaked into surrounding waters. 

We design environmentally friendly sustainable solutions to enable the industry to thrive by combatting these challenging issues.

AI are currently developing two separate systems with the aim of tackling waste management issues in the industry:

    Creating Transformational Innovation

    A waste capture system able to be retro-fitted to existing salmon pens which will capture the waste (primarily food waste and faeces) as it drops out of the water column.

    The waste is then pumped to the surface for further treatment and disposal.

    AI have already held discussions with waste management service providers and are confident that an off-take market exists for the by-products.

    This project has recently been awarded grant funding by CEFAS and ZWS and we anticipate our first commerical deployment Q2 2020.

    A floating concrete contained aquaculture pen (Sea CAP) for growing salmon smolts up to harvest weight in a controlled environment.

    This system protects the young salmon from predators, sea lice, algal blooms, jelly fish and water borne challenges and allows them and their environment to be monitored.

    It also allows waste to be collected and removed for disposal, enabling AI technology to be installed in more enclosed, in-shore licensed and currently unused locations previously prohibited due to lack of natural dispersion of solid waste materials.

    This system will avoid the use of chemical treatments.