Walk to Work Concrete-Contained Aquaculture Pens at Sea. wwc-caps

wwc-caps are a variation on my award winning design, Concrete- Circular Autofeed Pontoons, c-caps, a common sight on fish farms around our coast.
By utilising pre-cast concrete elements, A I have designed a method of building, delivering and installing large concrete cylinders on the seabed at selected inshore sites previously deemed unsuitable for open net farming. The ability to build contained farms at sea, but connected to the shore has profound implications for the future of aquaculture. This system offers an opportunity for environmentally sustainable, virtually unlimited expansion and will include processing facilities, taking fish from smolts to a final product. Waste material will be captured, treated on site and used as bio-fuel, supplementing the power generated by renewable energy, whether wind or tidal. Specially designed cylindrical concrete pens can be positioned on the seabed to accelerate the tidal flow between structures, increasing the viability of tidal energy and providing a platform to recover and maintain turbines. Fully developed this system will seriously reduce the industries carbon footprint and provide a template to showcase Scottish innovation worldwide.
The many advantages of this system will more than offset the cap-ex and operational costs.
Next - How aquaculture can be integrated into marine infrastructure creating facilities which will benefit coastal communities.
Watch this space!

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