Sea CAP 

Aqua Innovation have designed a concrete contained pen which uses water circulation, filtration and treatment technologies and incorporates many unique features. 

Aqua Innovation believes contained systems offer the industry a way forward, built and operated at sea, utilising the natural environment and creating a sustainable future with opportunities to expand. 

Designed to suit Scottish conditions, either floating or mounted on the seabed, modular construction allows different sizes to be built using construction techniques conductive to scaled production. 

Designed to allow construction at redundant oil rig fabrication yards using local labour and indigenous materials, this concept offers the aquaculture industry game changing technical innovation and the opportunity to export environmentally sustainable aquaculture worldwide. 

For all enquiries regarding the Sea CAP, please get in touch.

The Sea CAP offers the following unique benefits: 

  • An environmentally sustainable solution by significantly reducing any impact from seabed contamination. 
  • The seabed footprint required is hugely reduced.
  • The new technology would allow production from CAR sites currently not utilised. 
  • Fish are not exposed to sea lice, algae blooms or jelly fish - reducing handling and loss of growth. 
  • No potential for seal damage or fish escapees. 
  • Visual monitoring of fish throughout the water column.
  • The system can be de-watered and cleaned at the end of each cycle. 
  • Controlled working environment brings significant health & safety benefits.
  • Waste is captured analysed and can be untilised  in other industries. 
  • The unique mooring system utilises TLP technology.