Steel Monopiles

Steel Monopiles

As wind turbines increase in size and the industry moves into deeper water, the production of steel monopiles, by far the most popular foundation type must keep pace.

The largest monopiles are now 90m x 8m Dia and weigh 2000ts with future designs predicted to reach 120m x 15m Dia and weigh 4000ts. 

Foundations of this size present a huge challenge to manufacturers and installers,  a radically new approach to the construction, delivery, installation, and eventual decommissioning is required.

As most of the major components and equipment required to build an offshore wind farm are imported, The UK Plc derives little benefit from this renewables revolution, this new monopile design will allow UK companies to access a global market for off shore foundations

Aqua Innovations' new design addresses these issues.


  • Like for like, half the weight of a conventional monopile.

  • Modular construction, simplified handling, automated welding.

  • Floating pile, towed to site, avoids delivery vessels / barges.

  • Utilises smaller cranes, easily lifted vertical, partially buoyant. Initial penetration under own weight, de-ballasted, weight doubles. No piling / vibration, installed by air-lifts, environmentally sustainable.

  • Removed sand deposited around pile toe, retained by concrete ring. • Built in scour protection and J-tube

  • Tendons from top of concrete ring to working platform, cable stayed. Easily de-commissioned by reversing the installation process.

Aqua Innovations wind turbine monopile designs in steel or concrete can be viewed as a standalone foundation or incorporate Aqua Innovations unique method of installing the turbine.

The ability to raise and lower the turbine utilising the Principles of Buoyancy, identified by Archimedes 2000 years ago has profound implications for wind farm construction.

An animation of the construction / delivery / installation is available on request