How We Build Offshore Wind Farms

Concrete Monopiles

Concrete Monopiles

Concrete Monopiles Offer Game Changing Technical Innovation Which Can Revolutionise How We Build Offshore Wind Farms.
The Advantages Are Many.

  • Modular Concrete Components Opens Up The Supply Chain To Many UK Companies
  • Production Line Construction, Good Quality Control, Economies Of Scale
  • Utilises UK Ports And Facilities Without Major Investment In New Infrastructure
  • By Deploying A Simple Concrete Ring, Significantly Extends The Range Of Monopiles.
  • Cost Effective Alternative To Steel Jackets, Concrete Gravity Base Foundations.
  • Installation Without Piling / Vibration, Noise Pollution, Environmentally Sustainable.
  • Incorporates Proven Suction Anchor Technology Into The Installation Of Monopiles.
  • Built In Scour Protection, J Tubes, Access To Working Platform To Suit Any Application
  • Greatly Improved Logistics, Less Weather Risk, Reduced Carbon Footprint.
  • Easily De-commissioned, Components Recycled Or Reused For Other Applications.

Aqua Innovations wind turbine monopile designs in steel or concrete can be viewed as a standalone foundation or incorporate Aqua Innovations unique method of installing the turbine.

The ability to raise and lower the turbine utilising the Principles of Buoyancy, identified by Archimedes 2000 years ago has profound implications for wind farm construction.

An animation explaining the construction / delivery / installation of concrete monopiles is available on request.

A seperate animation detailing the installation of the concrete ring is also available.