Floating Wind Turbine Foundations In Concrete

Floating Wind Turbine Foundation In Steel



  • Modular design, base units built at any port, delivered and finished at dedicated offshore assembly yard.

  • Assembly yard situated adjacent to wind farm site, minimising towing distance.

  • Complete units delivered with the turbine tower stowed within the central column.

  • Turbine tower raised on site without cranes, winches, ect. inherently safer.

  • Tower can be lowered on site to facilitate repairs, renewals, upgrades. 6 - Tower raised or lower without changing the draft of affecting stability.

  • Mooring system pre-laid and anchors tensioned by installation pontoon

  • Moorings individually tensioned from the floating turbine's working platform.

  • Moorings can be tensioned to eliminate heave, minimise movement and maintain verticality.

  • A novel method of securing the turbine tower is envisaged.

  • Access to the working platform from small craft via a spiral staircase. Inherently safer.

  • Treated fresh water ballast protects the internal steelwork and introduces lubrication.

  • An innovative method of installing the inter-array cables is envisaged.

  • Variable draft to suit particular site.

  • Small water plane area, extremely stable.

  • An option to use the concrete ballast as the base structure, replacing steel.

  • 17 Easily modified to suit any size of turbine.

  • Dedicated installation pontoon available to change blades, nacelle or major repairs.

  • Package includes the port infrastructure required to build production line.

  • Easily de-commissioned or re-located to another site.

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